How to Get GHST-QUICK LP tokens to Stake on Aavegotchi and Generate Passive QUICK

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, just walkthrough of how I went through this process. There are significant risks with any investment and there is risk associated with depositing to liquidity pools and leaving your funds on an exchange to stake. Do your own research on each project.

Hello Frens!

Today I want to walk through how to generate GHST-QUICK LP tokens to stake on Aavegotchi and then earn passive QUICK on Quickswap.

So you stumbled upon the awesomeness that is Aavegotchi. You finally got your first gotchi and are eager to earn items to increase your rarity. You can either purchase the items with GHST or you can get raffle tickets to get a chance of winning items. So you go to purchase raffle tickets but realize that you need FRENS in order to buy the tickets.

But how do you get FRENS?


Let’s go to “STAKE GHST” from the home page

When you go to the Stake GHST Page you should select the “Stake on Polygon”

You can either stake GHST directly, stake GHST-QUICK LP or GHST-USDC LP tokens. Regardless of what you want to stake, you’ll need to go to quickswap exchange ( )

Quickswap is a DEX on the MATIC network, which is great because the fees are low. Be mindful that there may be some delay with high volume traffic.

If you already have tokens to exchange for GHST on the matic network, you can just connect your metamask wallet to the exchange and find which token you’d like to swap for GHST. You can scroll down to and can skip down to Staking GHST

If you only have funds on the ethereum mainnet, you will have to use the Matic Bridge to transfer those funds to the Matic network, otherwise you will not be able to transfer any GHST to Aavegotchi.

On Metamask, switch to the Ethereum Mainnet

If you have ETH or USDT,USDC, or whatever token of your choice, you can go to Matic Webwallet ( ) where you can click on “Transfer Funds to the Matic Mainet”

From here, you can now select which token in your ethereum wallet you’d like to send over to the matic network. Select “Transfer” and go through the following steps. This process will require you to confirm a few transactions and will take about 10–15 minutes.

Select which Ethereum token you’d like to transfer to Matic Network
Wait for the transaction to approve
Confirm the transaction
Wait for the transaction to transfer. This step takes the longest so be patient

Once you are done, the tokens should show up when you switch to Matic Mainet on your Metamask wallet.

Now you can go back to Quickswap and enter the currency you’d like to exchange for GHST (USDT in my example)

Follow the steps to authenticate the transactions and pay the fees

Approve the transaction
Confirm the transaction
Confirm the swap

Staking GHST

You are now the proud owner of GHST! You can finally go stake GHST to get FRENS so you can buy raffle tickets!! Great, you can now earn 1 FREN/Day per GHST token you stake. However, there is another option that lets you get 33% more FRENS and lets you passively earn QUICK (so you understand how big this is, here is a link to QUICK coingecko page: )

To do this, you will have to get GHST-QUICK LP tokens that will get staked on Aavegotchi to produce stkGHST-QUICK. I will walk you through this step by step.

You will need to buy QUICK on Quickswap just like we bought GHST

Be mindful that in order to provide liquidity, you will need an equivalent amount of GHST for the amount of QUICK that youll be adding to the pool. In my case, I had about 900USDT available so I bought .39466 QUICK, which required me to provide 322.149 GHST to the pool so that is the amount of GHST Ipurchased.

Now that you have QUICK and GHST, you can navigate to “Pool” on quickswap

Select “Add Liquidity”

Input QUICK and the amount you’d like to provide

The amount of GHST needed will be automatically calculated

Approve the transaction and confirm

You should then see at the bottom of the page an area that details how many LP tokens you have, your pool share, and the amount of GHST and QUICK

Now you officially have the tokens necessary to stake on Aavegotchi to get 33% more FRENS than staking GHST alone.

We can navigate to the stake on polygon option on Aavegotchi and head to the GHST-LP Staking section

Now you should see the amount of available GHST-QUICK LP tokens that are available to stake.

Input the amount of QUICK-GHST LP tokens you’d like to stake and approve the transactions through the Metamask wallet

You should automatically get an equivalent amount of stkGHST-QUICK LP tokens

In my case, I did not see the token show up in my metamask wallet but it did show as an available balance on the subsequent steps

Head back to Quickswap but now navigate to “Rewards”

Search for stkGHST-QUICK Liquidity Mining and select the page. At the very bottom of the page you should see the amount of available stkGSHT-QUICK tokens

Select “Deposit stkGHST-QUICK Tokens” and input the amount you would like to deposit. You will also see the amount of QUICK tokens you will receive daily

You will need to both approve the transaction and deposit as two separate transactions on metamask

You now are earning FRENS and QUICK daily!!!

If you found this helpful, feel free to join us on our discord server



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